Moore, Oklahoma

Usually, my work takes me to places where large numbers of people have had wind or hail damage. These are not typically life changing events. At most, people are inconvenienced or annoyed that they have to deal with the hassle of it. But once every few years, Mother Nature unleashes Hell, and she give us a Katrina or a Sandy or, this year, a Moore, Oklahoma.


I was in Moore last week. I will spare you the cliches about how it looks like a nuclear bomb went off (but it does). Suffice it to say that in my fifteen years in catastrophe insurance claims, Moore is the worst thing I have ever seen.


I apologize for the quality of the photographs, but they are snapshots in the truest sense, taken clandestinely through the window of my car. I tried not to be too obvious about it because I didn’t want to come off looking like a disaster tourist. Even though I had a legitimate reason for being there, it seemed oddly inappropriate to be taking pictures. It felt like I was invading peoples privacy somehow. So I only took these three photos. No matter. Photographs can’t convey the true scope of it anyway. This is one instance where a two dimensional image is completely inadequate.


One thing you can say about a tornado, it is a great equalizer. One person’s rubble looks just like another’s. A pile of bricks that was a mansion looks identical to the pile that was a three bedroom ranch. There’s just more of it.


About Truman

I find myself on the downside of my sixtieth year, older but not old, wiser but not wise, and still wondering what I want to be when I grow up.
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