Mesilla, New Mexico

Mesilla is the historic section of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The centerpiece is the Basilica of San Albino. As old churches go it’s not particularly impressive, but judging by the number of people taking pictures it must have something going for it. Today was the second time I have tried and failed to get inside.

imageIn the early days of my interest in photography I tried to keep cars out of my pictures because I thought I could not create “art” if there was a Toyota parked front and center in the middle of it. But over time I realized that, first of all, I was not creating art, and second, when I looked at old pictures with cars in them it was the cars, more often than not, that were the most interesting thing in the picture. So from now on the cars will stay. I just hope that I live long enough that when I look back at these pictures the cars actually look old. All of these photos were shot with an iPhone camera.

image image


During the Civil War, Mesilla was a pro-Confederate community which served for a while as the capital of the Confederate Arizona Territory.


Billy the Kid was tried and convicted of murder in this building that is now a gift shop. He was sentenced to hang, but before that could happen he escaped from his jail cell, killing two deputies in the process. Later on he was either killed by Pat Garrett or he died an old man in Texas, whichever version of his demise you are prone to believe.image


Mesilla today is a nice mix of art galleries, restaurants and gift shops.




As I was getting in my car to leave I heard a very old man talking about what a wonderful place Mesilla is, and how it was better than Yuma and so much better than Santa Fe, because you can’t relax in Santa Fe. I’ve never been to Yuma so I’ll take his word on that, but I don’t remember Santa Fe being overly stressful, although I guess if I was almost a hundred years old I might have a different perspective.


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I find myself on the downside of my sixtieth year, older but not old, wiser but not wise, and still wondering what I want to be when I grow up.
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2 Responses to Mesilla, New Mexico

  1. jenzpic says:

    A stunning post 🙂 Love your photography, especially. I’ve never heard of Mesilla before, but your photos have captured it beautifully. Really enjoyed reading this.

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